If Andy Reid takes Cardinals job will he Cut Kevin Kolb?


Andy Reid coach cardinals huge chance

As reports continue to come out saying that Reid is emerging closer and closer as the coach for the Arizona Cardinals, the future of Kevin Kolb has come into question.

Kolb was infamously traded from Reid’s Eagles after Reid came out in support of Kolb, and even went so far as to tout him up as a franchise Quarterback before Cardinals paid top dollar for him. Has Reid been drawn into possibly taking the Cardinals job because he truly believes Kolb is as good as he once said he was? Or is Reid’s planning to ultimately cut Kolb altogether and usher in a new offense altogether?

The prior history between Reid and Kolb, and the subpar performance Kolb has given since he’s landed in Arizona all have lead to an intriguing scenario to come if Reid takes the job. Can the Cardinals be true contenders with Kolb under Reid’s leadership, or will Reid go back on his past words and dump his former ‘protege’?