Is Ray Lewis’ Hairline Sprayed on? (Photos)

black sports online ray lewis sprayed on hairline

Reminiscent of Carlos Boozer’s sprayed on hairline of last year, Ray Lewis has opted for a similar solution to fight the battle against Father time.

A hilarious story which was picked up from Larry Brown Sports focused on the utter ‘perfection’ that was Lewis’ hairline as he addressed the media on Monday.

Let us remember that Lewis is 37 going on 38, so this is not a knock on him trying to ‘regain’ what he’s lost through the years…but, really spraying a hairline on? Has the tragic tale that was ‘Boozer hairline-gate’ not taught athletes a thing?

black sports online carlos boozer hairline

Now of course this is all speculative, so you be the judge, is it au natural or sponsored by Sharpie?

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