Jason Garrett Now Open To Having Offensive Coordinator

garrett now open to offensive coordinator

A few day ago we reported that Jerry Jones and Cowboys brass may ask head coach Jason Garrett to hire an offensive coordinator, so he can focus on the total team.

Garrett initially balked at the idea, saying things would remain the “status quo.”   Tuesday Jerry Jones spoke during a radio interview, and made it known he was disappointed in his teams finish, and “promised an uncomfortable off-season of change.”  

By yesterday Garrett had suddenly changed his tune, was absolutely open to having an offensive coordinator or some offensive help on his staff ESPN Dallas reports.

“We would just talk it through,” Garrett said of a potential discussion with owner Jerry Jones during an appearance on KRLD-FM on Wednesday.

“Again, line one for me in the position that I’m in is, ‘What’s best for the Dallas Cowboys’ in every way, shape or form, however we’re doing.’ Anything and everything is on the table.”

I would think Jones made it very clear to Garrett that he wanted him to get some offensive help, so that he could formally focus on every aspect of the team and avoid some of the silly mistakes that plagued the team.

Garrett said all the correct things in addressing his about-face.

“If we think collectively that something can help us in doing something different than we’re doing it now — that’s going to make us a better football team — I’m open to it,” Garrett said. “I’ve made no bones about that from the beginning. I just believe in that from the bottom of my heart.”

Jerry made you uncomfortable I see.