Jeremy Shockey’s Ex-Wife Suing Him After He Leaked Naked Photo of Her


Jeremy Shockey Ex Wife

This was a bit petty of Jeremy Shockey’s part. He divorced his wife after just a few months and had an iron clad prenup, so she didn’t get any money.

To celebrate the divorce he leaked this naked photo of her below (NSFW).

Daniela Cortazar-Shockey Naked Photo

Of course, this upset her, so now she is suing Shockey according to TMZ for $15k claiming he violated a privacy provision in the prenup.

Shockey has too much free time on his hands after not playing in the NFL last year.


  1. Dumb move by Shockey, the pic doesn’t even show her face…just her naked butt……why did he even bother…he probably should just settle out of court and give her some money.

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