Jim Irsay Sent $8500 To A Twitter Follower For Predicting Right Score of AFC Championship Game

bso irsay sends money to twitter follower over contest

When you’re a billionaire, I guess it’s safe to say a good chunk of your time consists of finding new and exciting ways to spend your money. Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, has found a pretty generous way of spreading the wealth.

As reported by USA Today Irsay tweeted on Sunday that he would give $8,500 to any one of his followers who correctly predicted the final score of the Ravens vs Patriots game within 1 point. A lucky follower by the name of Jason guessed 27-14 Ravens, and after the game 27-13 victory by the Ravens he was sent a DM by Mr. Irsay himself, asking for his mailing address.

Two days later Jason received the envelope with his winnings and also a note from Irsay:

Dear Jason,

Congratulations again on winning a Twitter Contest! Enclosed you will find your prize which consists of $8,500.00. Please continue to follow me on Twitter and thank you for your continued support.

Go Colts!


Jim Irsay

I fully expect Irsay’s twitter follower count to ‘Katherine-Webb’ following this story. Irsay may be an eccentric billionaire, but one cant’ say he isn’t generous as well.