Joe Flacco Wants $20 Million a Year Contract

Joe Flacco

Waka Flacco Flames shooting for the MOON.

It is understandable because his stock will never be higher. Coming off beating Peyton Manning and Tom Brady this is the time for ask for the biggest contract in NFL.

Here is the report according to Pro Football Zone.

ESPN’s John Clayton says if Flacco gets hit with the franchise tag, the Ravens will owe him $14 million in 2013. He’s looking at making $20 million per season with his next contract, so it might make sense for them to extend Flacco and not place the tag on him.

He isn’t going to get $20 million a year, but if he wins the Super Bowl he make get close to it. Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Joe Flacco Wants $20 Million a Year Contract

  • I agree. Hard to see Joe Flacco getting that type of money. However, I have to give it up to Flacco. They turned the offense over to him late in the patriots game and he delivered.

  • $20 million? IDK about that. I am thinking it all depends on the Superbowl.

  • And if Denver would have had a defensive back who was paying attention he’d be sitting at home.

  • What the fudge is going on in professional sports? Sure, pay this clown 2M per win (at most) or 700 dollars per yard he gets credited for passing. Get fudging real!

    • oops did my math wrong… it is actually 6500 dollars per yard.

  • If you could get your company to pay you $20 million dollars… wouldn’t you take it?

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