Joe Johnson Shakes Chris Bosh and Bosh Retaliates With a Dreadful Flop (VIDEO)


chris bosh flops

If you thought the Miami Heat would have trouble while facing the Brooklyn Nets sorry to break the bad news, but you thought wrong. Last night the Heat cruised to a victory winning 105-85; however the highlight of the night actually didn’t include LeBron James. Who would have imagined that?

Chris Bosh was the star of the night by default.  During the first quarter Joe Johnson served Bosh with a nasty crossover. I suppose later on during the game Bosh decided he wanted to get some revenge. You can’t just go around breaking people’s ankles like that Joe Johnson with facing repercussion.

So what does Bosh do you ask? Bosh being Bosh in his purest fashion, decided he wanted to play with the big boys. While Reggie Evans was attempting a jump shot, Bosh flopped to the ground without being touched. I don’t want to speculate where he learned his flopping technique at, but I am sure he has some excellent teachers in South Beach.


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