John and Jim Harbaugh’s Parents to watch Championship games Alone in Basement

bso harbaughs will watch playoffs in baseball

When you hold the prestigious title of one of the premier football families in the league, you’d think you’d have a pretty glamorous place to watch the game from. Not so much the case for the Mr. and Mrs. Harbaugh, parents of John and Jim. reported today that Jackie and Jack Harbaugh opted not to go on the road and see either one of their two son’s game, instead they’ll watch from their couch…in Wisconsin. When you have the luxury of having both sons reach the last round of the playoffs, one would think the decision of choosing where to watch would be an excruciatingly tough one, but the Harbaugh’s have simplified their ‘dilemma’ in the most practical of ways.

We’ll be right here from our living room in Mequon Wisconsin…It’ll be just the two of us

The Harbaugh’s will watch the games alone from their humble basement, far from distractions. They have not even contemplated the thought of having both sons reach the Super Bowl (Har-bowl)

I’m going to paraphrase my wife: ‘We’re going to take it one week at a time, one game at a time’

Good for them.