JR Smith Trolls Kris Humphries on Twitter With a Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Joke

Kris Humphries Says Kim Kardashian Cheated on Him With Kanye West

The Nets beat the Knicks at MSG this afternoon and it led to some Twitter trash talk.

This is still a bit of a fake rivalry, but for the digital world it was a pretty good exchange. There is zero chill with JR Smith, I am surprised he isn’t making guest appearances on Love and Hip Hop, he would fit right in.  The question begs should you ever use a man’s wife for trash talk (Humphries and Kim Kardashian are still married)?

The last time a Knick was involved in a trash talking scandal about their spouse, the stock of Honey Nut Cheerios went way up.  I think they are still buzzing about that.

I will have to ask my Twitter followers if this was a fair or foul blow by JR.


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12 thoughts on “JR Smith Trolls Kris Humphries on Twitter With a Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Joke

  • JR can talk all the noise he wants Kris got the last laugh because the beat the Knicks but.

  • If that Kim is wide now wait until 6months,she will look like a 747 Jumbo.She did”,nt last with the basketball player because he was”nt black enough.She likes them well done.She and the rest of the family are a waste.

  • Someone please translate what JR was saying. I love the guy but cant understand the criticism here haha. Wouldnt the Garden being quiet on the way be a diss against his own team cuz they lost?

    • The Kanye part was what J.R. wrote. The part about it being quiet was Kris Humphries. Whenever u reply on twitter. It shows what they wrote. Then your reply goes in front of it

  • Dear Mr. Smith,
    there is nothing funny about your comments concerning Kim K. and her husband. There is many of us that still believe in marriage and don’t thumb our noses at it. 72 days or less is not a real marriage. Mr. Hummpries wants a annulment, she wants a divorce , now she is having baby with Mr. West. I’m tired of the whole situation, please NO More!!

  • I know JR Smith is an AH. I always believe that players have an honor code regarding talking about families.
    But I know JR does not know the meaning of honor. He is basically a jerk. Is JR married? I would like to check his wife.
    Hey JR, show your wife so we can decide if we could go for her? You tasteless piece of sh#[email protected]!! LOL.

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