Kendrick Perkins Almost Pulls Door Off Hinges, Throws Bottle After Wife’s Nail Salon Dispute


In between the buildup to the Super Bowl there is still news to cover and plenty of it is hilarious.  One thing for sure, don’t mess with Kendrick Perkins wife.

This story courtesy of The Big Lead via KOCO, involves Kendrick Perkins throwing a Gatorade bottle at a nail salon after his wife got into a heated argument with one of the technician.

The story via KOCO, says Vanity Perkins, wife of Thunder center Kendrick Perkins was arguing with a nail salon technician who didn’t appreciate Vanity putting her fingers in her face.

The tech, Trang Nguyen, released this statement.

“I ran out there, and I was like, ‘Well, you cannot talk to me like that,’” said Trang Nguyen. “And, of course, we are pointing at each other. She pointed at my face, and I pointed at her — but I never touched a hand on her or anything.”

Witnesses told the news station that Vanity then called Kendrick before police arrived.

“He said some bad word, yes, and he was slamming on the door. He was running his car and threw a bottle,” Nguyen said.

Vanity Perkins also confirmed that her husband threw a Gatorade bottle.

The idea that a 6’9 tough guy of a center through a tantrum in defense of his wife, then threw a plastic Gatorade bottle to make his point his purely hilarious.