Kevin Garnett Allegedly Told Carmelo Anthony His Wife Tastes Like Honey Nut Cheerios


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Kevin Garnett has been known to cross the line from time to time, he just stomped all over it with this one. We all know that KG doesn’t follow the rules of trash talking. One of the rules is you never talked about someone’s wife or girlfriend. But, that’s just what he reportedly did on Monday night in an altercation with Knicks star Carmelo Anthony regarding his wife, La La Vasquez.

You definitely don’t imply you slept with her or she tasted like a delicious brand of cereal. We have confirmed the jab with several sources who were in attendance.

Honey Nut Cheerios

This isn’t the first time KG has trash talked to the lowest level imaginable.

I don’t think Carmelo really wanted to fight as you can see from the 70 security officers holding him back from getting on the Celtics’ team bus, but you can’t let anyone disrespect your wife, so I understand what he was trying to do.

KG is the biggest studio gangster in the NBA, but players should be use to these childish antics and just ignore him. I think Melo is doing alright for himself.



It has been reported that Carmelo and Lala are currently separated.

27 thoughts on “Kevin Garnett Allegedly Told Carmelo Anthony His Wife Tastes Like Honey Nut Cheerios

  • Melo should have just waited for the right time and layed one of those Karl Malone knee to the groin shots when he was driving to the hoop then pulled a Karl What are you talking about ??? just trying to score.Malone was a master of the payback cheapshot by making it kinda looking like it wasn’t on purpose.Thats how you should deal with the mouth of dirtbag KG.I’m no melo fan either and like the celts because of all the class players before this future hall of shame

  • How soft is Melo that he let this get to him? He lost that game last night. Please, ‘your wife tastes like honey nut?’ that’s it? that’s despicable? the League is so soft.

    • Melo was good because GK cross the line. Wife,Children and mothers should not be in his trash talking. If it would have been anyone else they would have kick his azz on the floor. So GK is the punk not Melo.

      • All these guys talking about that shouldn’t have worked him must not have a woman they care about. He did the right thing. He waited until the end of the game and went to confront the man but the man was to much of a punk that he wouldn’t show his face and apologize which is really all he had to do. Nothing wrong with trash talking but you don’t bring a man’s wife or mother into the talk. Melo was already having a bad game so the talk didn’t make him play bad. He didn’t do anything to get suspended or fined. He was protecting his wife’s honor.

        • Agree 🙂

  • Everyone in the nba is a studio gangster. nothing ever happens after games and nothing ever will. do you seriously think him trash talking big men who aren’t considered soft would have a different result?

  • That KG line wasn’t that bad. Even rappers have been using the “I slept with your wife/gf” line for ages! So stop with this “don’t cross that line” crap. (The owner of this site’s favorite rapper in the whole wide world even used that line) Now, KG is no rapper but the trash talking game remains the same.

    Melo allowed KG to pull his skirt up. Now every player knows how to get under his skin.

    At least Kris Humpries never had this problem. Everyone knows what his wife taste like!

  • Carmelo Anthony can taste KG’s semen every time he kisses Lala.

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