Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Want to Be Married to Kris Humphries When She Gives Birth



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On the one hand I think The Hump should just let it go.  He doesn’t want her, she doesn’t want him what is the point of dragging out the divorce proceedings.

On the flip side, I can understand why The Hump would be salty.  She dropped him after 72 days and then got knocked up while she was still legally married.

Yes, he is being petty, but is it an understandable petty?  According to TMZ, Kimmy is doing all she can to get the divorce finalized before Lil Yeezy arrives, but Kris is dragging his feet and furthermore wants the divorce trial televised to embarrass Kimmy even more.

If Kris gets his way they will still be technically married by the time she gives birth.

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  1. WHY must Kim get her way EVERYTIME????
    Kris must do what’s best for HIM since Kim only cares about herself, Fuck her feelings_if Rene Zwelliger got her annulment
    So can Kris… He’s not being petty or salty I’m sure he’s over her by now just a matter of not letting Kim n her Pimp get away with this

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