Kim Kardashian Getting Free Money From Companies For Having Lil Yeezy


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I have pointed this out before on my Twitter account, but rich people get more free stuff than anyone on the planet.  The reason is simple it pays to have them representing a company’s product or brand.  She has made several appearances in Vegas at places like Tao Nightclub.

So, it isn’t surprising even though Kimmy is having a baby by her boyfriend while still legally married to Kris Humphries that baby companies are falling all over themselves to give her free gifts.

E! paid her $17 million for a fake wedding, can you imagine how much she will get for having Kanye West’s baby?

Bel Bambini a baby shop in LA that is known to be frequented by celebrities has gotten the jump on everyone by sending Kimmy a $1000 gift certificate.

I think the $1000 was worth the exposure because the story is on TMZ and other major outlets.  Meanwhile the Dollarnaires will need coupons for 2 for 1 diapers or just borrow some from Antonio Cromartie.


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  • heh, Bel Bambini probably sells $500 diapers. That’s where athlete’s baby mommas shop at. $20,000 dollars of monthly child support is spent at Bel Bambinis.

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