Kobe Bryant calls the Clippers Title Contenders

bso kobe calls clippers top finals contenders

On the eve of a tumultuous Lakers vs Clippers game Kobe Bryant has come out to sing his praises for the Clippers’ efforts this season.

As reported by ESPN Los Angeles, following practice on Thursday Bryant was quoted as saying:

Oh, for sure. They’re definitely one of our top contenders

This doesn’t come as too much of a shock, following Kobe’s recent candid quotes. Going so far as to call the Lakers “old as s__t” to explain their season decline. Bryant went on to say:

 They’re very spectacular and they’re fun to watch. There’s no question about it. They have higher jumpers than ‘Showtime’ did, though.

Bryant was making reference to Magic Johnson’s comments where he compared the Clippers to the old Showtime Lakers. The highly anticipated Friday night game comes as a changing of the guard in the city of Angels, with the mighty Lakers standing at 15-16 in the standings, while the Clippers sit atop at 25-8.

Kobe was only telling the truth, it would be foolish for the Lakers to feign ignorance to the excellence of this season’s Clippers team. Whether or not Kobe gave praise to their ‘rival’ team as means of a wake-up call for his sluggish Lakers is debatable, but one thing is for sure the Lakers will see their reign of dominance thwarted following a Clippers victory tomorrow night.