Kobe Bryant Says He’s Best 1 on 1 Player of All-Time and Would Beat Lebron


Did you really expect him to say anything different?

Honest Kobe is the best thing going in the NBA. He says exactly what is on his mind all the time. Many are too young to remember Kobe when he first got in the league, but his transformation has been similar to Floyd Mayweather. Floyd went from “Pretty Boy” to “Money Mayweather” when it got to a point he realized sticking to the script wasn’t working for him.

Kobe went from being politically correct to the Mamba and Darth Kobe.

Complete with death stares that got coaches fired. It has been a sight to behold.

14 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant Says He’s Best 1 on 1 Player of All-Time and Would Beat Lebron

  • Ummm maybe when you were younger Kobe but Lebron would own you at this stage in your life/career hands down

  • Boy, I just wish Kobe had been born on the same day as Michael Jordan, or Magic, or Bird, or even Dominique Wilkins. Everything he shot would have gotten SWATTED.


    • Your absolutely right,If not for Jordan that fraud Phil Jackson wouldnt of had a carrer as an alleged “Guru” give me a break,Jordan and Bird and Magic were the tops in the game and so far that still stands,Hell theres guys from the streets tat could take Kobe on the court and I wish he would accept a challenge to retire if one coud do it!That would make for some great watching and I would be pulling hard for the street baller Kobe got old listening to his whiney ass about the 2nd day he started playing,Shaq helped him get his rings!I wished Jackson had came back this year and then he would have been exposed also!

    • Larry Legend would have schooled you, tough guy. Oh sure, you’d take him to the hole a few times, but at the end of the day Larry’s step back three from ANYWHERE on the court would have you shaking your arrogant head…

  • All that KING KOBE would have to do is to keep La Queen Jane away from the free-throw circle and make him shoot from 10ft out and he has it in the bag.The only shot La Queen has is the slam-dunk like that Griffin from the Clippers.KING KOBE would make La Queen Jane look his real age.

  • @Steve..must be from Cleveland. Still mad he left…ha ha. “Grass Snake” has lost a few steps..No way he wins a one on one with the King James !!

  • The only thing Lebron has on Kobe is physicality and maybe speed. Kobe is smarter, is a better shooter, better post-up player, better defender- so yeah, Kobe can probably still beat LBJ. Besides, Kobe is used to handling and scoring Lebron usually looks for the pass…

    • @Akimofro – R U Serious! “better defender” really?? I want to know what ur smoking….”better defender” HA

      Lebron would blow by him to the hoop, Lebron would run him over on dunks, Lebron would smash oldie trying to get to the hoop, go ahead let Kobe shoot 30 times: you see what happens there ( say 7 or 10 for 30). Let Lebron dunk, layup, shoot 30 times…you get the picture

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