Kobe Bryant Says He’s Best 1 on 1 Player of All-Time and Would Beat Lebron


Did you really expect him to say anything different?

Honest Kobe is the best thing going in the NBA. He says exactly what is on his mind all the time. Many are too young to remember Kobe when he first got in the league, but his transformation has been similar to Floyd Mayweather. Floyd went from “Pretty Boy” to “Money Mayweather” when it got to a point he realized sticking to the script wasn’t working for him.

Kobe went from being politically correct to the Mamba and Darth Kobe.

Complete with death stares that got coaches fired. It has been a sight to behold.

14 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant Says He’s Best 1 on 1 Player of All-Time and Would Beat Lebron

  • Gotta give Kobe this one. One on one, in his athletic prime he probably beats anyone. Lebron is the better passer, but one on one that skill is meaningless because there is no one to pass to.

    • @JM – wow u must be smoking the same thing akimofro is…its NOW we are talking about…not before not later NOW…Lebron would crush that snake

      just wow….when I was young I could ride my bike for 10 straight hours….not so much now

  • Kobe wouldnt beat Lebron now and Kobe sure wouldnt beat MJ in his prime or even now MJ could take him

  • I think LeBron would give him trouble but Carmelo would hands dwn beat him. As big as LBJ but a bit of a better shooter. Kobe couldn’t really stop him

  • Good luck stopping Lebron from getting to the hoop. Lebron is younger stronger and faster than Kobe. Now Kobe has him on outside jump shots all day, but he is scared around the hoop when Lebron is lurking. You would see a Lebron like the finals and it would be done. (M.J. Would destroy both in his prime)

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