Kobe May Have Faced $16.3 Million A Year In Support Had Vanessa Divorced Him

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Kiss

Divorce is no laughing matter, and the person that came up with its cheaper to keep her was dead serious when he made that phrase.

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant have decided to reconcile after pondering divorce for the past year or so.  Many question, besides the fact that he loves his wife, why Kobe fought so hard for the two to stay together.

Our friends over at Larry Brown Sports know a thing or two about math, and came up with more than enough reasons for Bryant to avoid splitting from his wife.

Per Larry Brown Sports, California uses a formula to calculate child support, with the most important factors being the income of both parents.

Because the two did not sign a prenup, Kobe would have also been responsible for spousal support.  California law also dictates that the higher earning spouse would have to support the other for half the time that they were married.

Add on the fact that they were married for 10 plus years, and the money really gets large, because could have had to pay spousal support to Vanessa for the rest of her life.

Mamba’s annual income is around $52 million a season, so with a 50/50 split of both daughters, he would have been looking at possibly $365,000 in child support.

Factor in about $1 million in spousal support, and you can kind see for yourself what the better option was for Bean. LBS also reports that because the Bryant’s have been married as long as they have, every penny Kobe has ever earned would have been community property and available to Vanessa.

The moral of the story is, if you are going to make millions of dollars, A. don’t get married, B. don’t do wrong, or C. never ever, eve,r ever, move to California.

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