Kobe on His New Role as Playmaker: I’m Like NEO Out This M*therf*cker

Neo Kobe Bryant

When you are legendary, not a good or great, but a legendary player, people should not be surprised that you can make adjustments in your game if you want to.

If Lebron wanted to average 35 a night he could and probably do it easily, he is that good. If Kobe wanted he could average 24, 7 and 8, but that has never been his role. His role as he has told us many times is to score and score often.

A younger Kobe might have just kept gunning even though the Lakers were losing, but this more mature version of Bean decided to try something different and so far it is working.

How long will it work? That is up for discussion, but three straight games of double digits assists have led to three straight wins for the struggling Lakers. Winning cures all and as long as the Ws keep piling up look for Kobe’s assists to rise as well.

You are witnessing a legendary player in his final days, you should appreciate what you are seeing because once Kobe is gone you will truly understand how great he was.

As for Bean here is how he eloquently describes his play of late.

In my old age, sometimes I forget things, but I knew I had heard that reference before. Then it hit me, I was the one who called Kobe NEO Bryant almost four years ago.

Time flies……..

Neo Bryant

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