Kobe Says If He Didn’t Play With Shaq, He’d Have More MVPs & Numbers Would Be Ridiculous


Shaq and Kobe

The Bobby and Whitney of the NBA.

Can’t speak about one without the other. Kobe did a wide ranging interview with ESPN where he let’s you know that he pumps his own gas and doesn’t like dog poo getting on his shoes.

The interesting thing to me at least is when he was asked why he didn’t have more MVPs. Here is what he had to say.

Because I played with Shaq. It’s that simple. A lot of the time we cancelled each other out. I sacrificed a lot playing with him. I really did. I did it for the success of the team. If I never played with him, my numbers would have been ridiculous.

He isn’t lying, but here is the million dollar follow up question that ESPN didn’t ask. Would he have rather been the #1 one guy from day one or was the sacrifice worth the three rings he won with Shaq as 1B?

I would have been curious to hear his answer to that.

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