Kris Humphries Declined $10 Million Offer to Divorce Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries only have eyes for each other as they take a romantic walk after having dinner at Cipriani in NYC

The Hump wants an annulment not a divorce. He wants Kim Kardashian to admit their marriage was a sham and she used him for ratings and publicity.

Kardashian tried to bribe him with $10 million, but he said no.

“Kris flatly rejected the offer because it has never been about money for him. He wants to be able to marry in a church again, with a clear conscience, when he finds someone special. Kris is deeply religious and he believes that the only way he can do that is if his marriage to Kim is annulled.”

As you know Kimmy is pregnant with Young Yeezy and doesn’t want to have the child of another man while still being married, but it looks like Humphries is going to ensure that happens.

Is he being petty?

I guess it depends on if you believe they were using each other or if he was really in love with her and she played him. Only Kimmy and The Hump know the truth to that.

3 thoughts on “Kris Humphries Declined $10 Million Offer to Divorce Kim Kardashian

  • Kris Don’t need no porn money_He does pretty well for himself

  • ^^^I’ve been saying that for the longest. Anyway, If I was Hump, I’d demand at least 20 mil to sign the papers.

  • He’s not being petty, if thats the way he truly feels, you get what you deserve and Kim has to live with the results (as Mark Jackson would say.)

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