Lakers Trainer Looks So Sad to Be Working on Pau Gasol’s Feet (Photo)


You get to work for the Los Angeles Lakers. You are part of one of the most recognizable sports franchises in the world and Kobe Bryant has probably acknowledged your existence once or twice. It has to be a pretty sweet gig.

But like most good things, there is a downside.

Sometimes, your job involves hammering a 7 footers giant size 17 feet.

Lakers big man Pau Gasol tweeted out the above picture, even using the hashtag #hammertime.

Something about the trainer’s expression is so sad, Its like he is saying “I understand this is part of the job, but do you have to share it with 1.6 million followers”

Of course, this is probably the face Pau Gasol was making when he took the picture.


3 thoughts on “Lakers Trainer Looks So Sad to Be Working on Pau Gasol’s Feet (Photo)

  • umm ok….

  • ..2 things stand out :

    1. Your clearly the token white dude writer bringing the ball up the court to set the offense and spot up in the corner.

    2. Pau’s left ankle is so jacked the swelling just said fucc it n stuck around.

  • Ewww gross imagine the smell.

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