Lakers Vice President Jim Buss says now’s Not the time to Panic

bso jim bus lakers not panicked


The Lakers are slipping in the Western Conference standings, with a lowly 15-20 record to go with their nightmarish season. But not to worry, because Jim Buss doesn’t think it’s time to panic.

Lakers vice president of basketball relations, Jim Buss, gave a candid interview on ESPN radio where he endured the barrage of questions bandied about in connection to the Lakers’ struggle season. Buss seemed all too nonchalant in his replies, citing injuries as the main reason for why the team was slumping.

When Buss was asked about Mike D’antoni, Buss seemed all too forgiving of the  lackluster performance on the coach’s part. Five straight losses, and the 11 seed in the Western Conference, doesn’t seem to have Buss all that worried though, as he chimed

“We’re not going to panic”

Lakers fans, if I were you…I’d be scared, very scared.