Lala and Carmelo Anthony Separated, but Not Headed for Divorce; She Never Slept With KG

It was only until Kevin Garnett told Carmelo Anthony that his wife LaLa tasked like “Honey Nut Cheerios” that people discovered that Carmelo was separated from Lala.

The root of the separation isn’t known, but there definitely seems to be some legit problems.  The New York Post has quotes from friends of the couple shedding light on what is going on.

“It is true they haven’t seen much of each other in the past few months,” says a friend of the couple. “She’s been away a lot filming her show, ‘La La’s Full Court Life,’ in London, New York and LA. They are not separated and are still together. She and Melo have a house in LA — so she’s always there when she’s doing auditions.”

Carmelo and Garnett

But others say they’ve been going through a rockier period. “They have been living separately for several months now,” says a source. “She’s been living in LA while Carmelo has been in New York.” The source added, “La La used to go out to the games and wanted to be seen . . . now she’s always off doing her own thing.”

A family member who spoke to the Post also confirms what BSO had already reported that it was in fact a dig at how Melo’s wife tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios that caused him to snap.

Reps for Carmelo and La La Anthony declined to comment. But reached by The Post at the home of La La’s mother in Stone Mountain, Ga., a relative named Paul Fryson said of the Cheerios dig: “I’ve heard it. It is very serious . . . We’ll handle it.”

As far as the rumor that KG was speaking from personal experience, several sources claim that to be false, that Garnett has never had an intimate relationship with LaLa.

Even though they are living apart and currently having a tough time in their marriage at this point no one is talking divorce.

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  • La La is the best thing that ever happened to Carmelo. The girl gets her own paper and is very beautiful to boot. Carmelo is a fool if he lets her slip away! He needs to grow the hell up pay attention to his beautiful wife and family. On her show it is like she is a single woman. She can do so much better than Carmelo while she still has her groove, fame and youth. I would kiss him goodbye. He will be history soon as his playing days are over anyway.

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