Lance Armstrong Weird Apology to His Biggest Fanboy Rick Reilly


lance armstrong rick reilly letterESPN analyst Rick Reilly is known for a lot of things, and one in particular would be defending cyclist Lance Armstrong until the last hoorah.  For 14 years, Reilly had Lance Armstrong’s back, defending the shamed cyclist from allegations of doping. Armstrong sent an email to Reilly apologizing for his wrong doing. The letter is posted in a Reilly column entitled, “It’s All About the Lies.”

Among my emails Wednesday morning, out of the blue, was one from Lance Armstrong.

Riles, I’m sorry.
All I can say for now but also the most heartfelt thing too. Two very important words.

Who is L? What two very important words?

Upon coming across this heart felt 21 word email, I had to reread the words to make sure I wasn’t missing something. After countless efforts, I realized Lance Armstrong is sadder than I imagined. 14 years and the only thing Reilly is worthy of is a pathetic email apology probably not even typed by Armstrong. He didn’t even bother typing his whole name. 14 years of loyalty only gets you one letter and two words it seems.

Reilly apparently felt the same writing the following:

And my first thought was … “Two words? That’s it?”

Two words? For 14 years of defending a man? And in the end, being made to look like a chump?

Wrote it, said it, tweeted it: “He’s clean.” Put it in columns, said it on radio, said it on TV. Staked my reputation on it.

While Armstrong is about to embark in an interview acknowledging his participation in doping, Reilly is licking his wounds.  I suppose it’s safe to say the bitter divorce between these two is officially over. 14 long years just down the drain. Somebody please give Reilly a huge.

Farewell L

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