LeBron James on Reggie Evans: “We Did Our Number on Him”

Sacramento Kings v Brooklyn Nets

Earlier today, Brooklyn Nets flopmaster Reggie Evans decided it was a good idea to take a sharp stick and poke a tiger when he said that the Miami Heat championship wasn’t legit because it occurred during a lockout shortened season.

His statements were absurd, but it did get the attention of LeBron James, who after the 105-85 victory said “No one knows what it takes until you’ve done it, He hasn’t done it”.

James went on to say that he let his game do the talking and his 24-9-7 in the 20 point victory backs that up.

Now I am usually not huge on motivation and bulletin board material because in the end I think it has absolutely no bearing on the game. The Heat have beaten the Nets by 30 and 13 this season and LeBron James is playing the best basketball of his career, they didn’t need the motivation.

That is not to say that the Heat maybe didn’t take the extra effort of shutting Evans down. Evans only scores 3.3 PPG, but he pulls down 9 boards a game and makes his money as a tenacious offensive rebounder.

Evans ended with 0 points and only 6 boards, none of them on the offensive glass.

LeBron James summed Evans’ stat line.

“We did our number on him.”

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  • Reggie should have kept his mouth shut…..maybe next time he’ll know better

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