Lingerie Football League Will Be Now Known as the Legends Football League (Photo)


LFL Uniforms

The LFL said they would announce some serious rebranding in the near future and the first part of that was changing their name from the Lingerie League to the Legends League (easier to keep the initials I suppose).

Glass half full are the uniforms look about the same.  But there will be subtle changes.

Among the rebranding moves will be the replacement of all lingerie by “performance wear,” a redesign of logos that will remove “any sexy female figures,” a redesign of shoulder pads to increase protection and the replacement of “True Fantasy Football” by “Women of the Gridiron.”

“This is the next step in the maturation of our now global sport,” said Mitchell Mortaza, founder of the Lingerie Football League.

Here are some videos of what the new branding will look like.



  1. Should have just been the Ladies Football League. Legends just don’t apply. That way, they still get to keep the initials.

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