Luther Campbell Tells Real Sports How He Went from Strippers to Football Coach (Video)


Last night Real Sports had a sit down interview with Luther Campbell and discussed his  job as a football coach at a Miami high school. He made his name in coaching starting out on the pee-wee level going to multiple  National Championships (yes I know its Pee-wee). When the opportunity came for him to be a coach on the high school level 2 years ago in the neighborhood he grew up in, he jumped at the opportunity. He faced hardships based on his Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew past.

Many of the naysayers of Campbell couldn’t separate the Uncle Luke persona from the family man, now 51, he has become. The song called “Nasty as They Wanna Be” was declared obscene by a federal judge and when he went to get his coaching certification they tried to determine if that man was fit to shape the minds of young men. Known now as a disciplinary coach, Campbell does not even allow cursing by his team. Yes, the guy with songs such as “We Want Some P***y” and “F*ck Shop” has actually turned out to be a pretty good coach.

Here is an excerpt from the interview, and it’s worth checking it out in its entirety on HBO.