Man Will Take Hot Ravens Fan to SB if She Puts Out, To Spite His Ex-Girlfriend (Photo)


bso ray lewis crying before game

The lesson to be learned here is not to break up with your boyfriend until you are sure his team isn’t going to the Super Bowl.

For example if you are to believe this Craiglist Ad below, some young lady is missing out.

Super Bowl Tickets

Honestly, his demands aren’t that unreasonable if you really think about it. That is at least a $5-10k trip he is giving away for free, just to spite his ex-girlfriend. ┬áJames Harden does that every weekend.

The least you can do is break some lamps with the man and hand out with his Aunt and Uncle. Let me know if anyone takes advantage.


  1. He should make sure sex takes place prior to the trip, I’m sure he would hate to get the woman down there and she holds out on him….lol

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