Manny Pacquiao Says He’s 100% Healthy Wants to Fight in April & September

Manny Pacquiao Knockout

Even though, medical doctors in the Philippines think that Pacquiao’s health is deteriorating to the point he might have early signs of Parkinson’s disease, Pacquiao wants to fight sooner than later.

Here is what Pac had to say about those reports and his future plans.

“There is nothing to be worry about. I am 100 percent healthy and right now I’m enjoying this memorable vacation with my family in this beautiful country of Israel. I will return to the Philippines on January 14 and in early February because I want to get to the gym because I want to have a fight in April and in September I want the fifth fight with Marquez.

“The statements by the doctors show a total lack of ethics and it was irresponsible. This was just personal opinion and there were no medical tests.”

I believe people are concerned about Pacquiao’s health because of how other boxers have ended up after a long career. Hopefully the doctors who are examining Pacquiao are telling him the truth and not just what he wants to hear.

9 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao Says He’s 100% Healthy Wants to Fight in April & September

  • Boxing is dead, boxing sucks. The glory days ended when tyson went to jail.

  • pac is a warrior.. that’s why he still want’s to fight even with the medical conditions

  • Glad to see PAC back in action soon. A real warrior. Also glad to see he is Visiting Israel. A Beautiful country indeed.

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