Manti Te’o Admits to “Tailoring” His Story About His Fake Dead Cancer Girlfriend

Manti Te'o ESPN

It is very difficult to translate what Manti Te’o said to ESPN because it was “off air” and he refused to say anything on camera, but the one thing we were able to get out of him is that he admitted to lying about meeting his “girlfriend”.

In his own words he “tailored” the story to make it sound better for the media.

Also mentioned they met on Facebook, but he never saw her live and in person. He said he tried to Skype with the young lady, but only a black box would show up.

Te’o says Ronaiah Tuiasosopo tweeted him to apologize and confessed, but how could he believe anything from Ronaiah Tuiasosopo unless he paid him off.

The rabbit hole just getting deeper.