Manti Te’o on If He’s Gay: “No, I’m Far Far Far Far From It” (Video)

Alexandra del Pilar Manti Te'o

In theory it shouldn’t matter if Te’o is gay or not. Fans and the NFL should more interested in if he can get off blocks, tackle NFL Running Backs and cover Tight Ends no pun intended.

But, because of the depth of his Catfish story it is legitimate question to ask because it would tie up a lot of loose ends, once again no pun intended.

We reported on how NFL people are wondering if that is why Te’o lied, but Te’o denied he was gay to Katie Couric.

Couric asked the former Irish star linebacker if a popular rumor that he might be gay was true.

“No, far from it” he quickly replied before laughing. “Far from it.”

Was that a nervous chuckle, because he wasn’t telling the truth or because he thought the claim was ridiculous   You make the call. Then Te’o did something straight out of the liars handbook when he answered this question for Couric.

Te’o insisted never lied to anyone about his non-existent girlfriend, even after he found out the entire ordeal was a ruse.

“I wasn’t as forthcoming, but I didn’t lie,” he said. “I never was asked, ‘Did you see her in person?’ ”

When someone asks you about your struggle and you mention your dead girlfriend that you know is alive, that is more than not being forthcoming, that is a lie.

Te’o said he didn’t know who he could trust, but can we trust him maybe the bigger question.

Here is the video of the denial, do you believe it?

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  • Maybe he’s tapped a lot of booty at Notre Dame…he just didn’t fall in love with those bytches…..”I don’t love those hoes”..Snoop

  • In this NFL, it’s about a lot more than just getting off blocks and making tackles from LBs. The mental aspect of the game combined with the outside forces (both positive and negative) drive many great block shedders and tacklers out of the league.

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