Manti Te’o Said Fake GF Wrote Him Letter, 31 Days After He Said She Died (Video)



The Big Lead unearth another video of Te’o professing his love for his Dead Girlfriend. In this video he tells the interviewer that his girlfriend would write him a letter before every game.

Watch him stumble while trying to get his apparent lie together. He says the last letter she wrote him was before the Stanford game on October 13th, one small problem with that.

All the reports that Te’o himself confirmed says she passed away on September 12h.

Once again, none of this making any sense.


  1. I think it does make sense, haven’t you heard of people writing letters for future dates? Although it’s apparent she’s not real, they could’ve wrote letters for every game and told him to open it before that game

  2. @Harry…come on man. That is old school. You are talking about two people(actually one person and one supposed person) who had an online relationship but could use facetime, skype, or a basic video application

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