Manti Te’o Spoke About Grieving for Dead GF, Two Days After He Found Out She Wasn’t Dead


Awful Announcing has track down this latest inconsistency in Manti Te’o fake girlfriend hoax story. According to Manti and Notre Dame he found out on December 6th that his fake girlfriend wasn’t dead.

He said he found out when she called him while he was at an Awards Show in Orlando. Two days later on December 8th he was in New York for the Heisman Trophy presenation and he made this quote.

Chris Fowler: There were a lot of cameras around you this year, there was so much public sharing of very private moments, which shared moment will you never forget above the others?

Manti Te’o: I think I’ll never forget the time when I found out that, you know, my girlfriend passed away and the first person to run to my aid was my defensive coordinator, Coach [Bob] Diaco, and you know he said something very profound to me, he said ‘this is where your faith is tested.’ Right after that, I ran into the players’ lounge and I got on the phone with my parents – and I opened my eyes and my head coach was sitting right there. And so, you know, there are a hundred-plus people on our team and the defensive coordinator and our head coach took time to just go get one [of those players]. You know I think that was the most meaningful to me.

So, if we are to believe what Manti is saying  is true (at this point who knows what the truth is) on the December 6th he knew his girlfriend wasn’t dead and probably a Catfish, but on December 8th he voluntarily spoke about how her death affected him.

He could have simply talked about his grandmother who passed away since Fowler did not specifically ask about his girlfriend, but he made a point of talking about someone he knew wasn’t dead.

And we are suppose to believe Te’o is an innocent victim?

We aren’t going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe Manti.

11 thoughts on “Manti Te’o Spoke About Grieving for Dead GF, Two Days After He Found Out She Wasn’t Dead

  • I think he found out she wasn’t dead on December 26 NOT 6…..

    • No he found out on the 6th. He just didn’t tell the AD until the 26th. See there are so many twists and turns to this, we can’t even keep the timeline straight.

      • My bad…..this story is crazy….I cannot believe he had no knowledge of what was going on….Te’o has alot of questions to answer

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