Manti Te’o Was Doing Interviews About Fake Dead GF, While Secretly Dating Another Girl

Alexandra del Pilar Manti Te'o

Te’o said his fake dead cancer girlfriend died in September and that he was struggling just to carry on without the love of his life, but according to TMZ it didn’t even take Te’o two months to get over the fake dead cancer girlfriend before he started dating Alexandra del Pilar.

TMZ says they started dating in November and the their relationship went on for two months, so the entire time that Te’o was doing these sob story interviews about his dead fake cancer girlfriend, he had a new girlfriend.  Including after he allegedly found out the Fake Dead Girlfriend was really alive.

There are many ways you can look at this.

Alexandra del Pilar Manti Te'o 2

Te’o was the mastermind behind the fake girlfriend, so it didn’t bother him to get a real girlfriend, since he knew the one he was telling the media about wasn’t real.

Te’o simply didn’t have the feelings for the fake girlfriend that he pretended to have with the media, so it was real easy to get into a new relationship.

Te’o teammates knew something fishy was going on, so he felt he had to bring in a real girl to keep the scam up.

Doesn’t matter what you believe the rabbit hole is getting deeper and deeper Te’o.

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