Manti Te’o Was Still Being Hoaxed Two Nights Before BCS Championship Game


The Manti Te’o catfish saga will continue to drag on as long as pertinent information continues to leak out.  ESPN is reporting through a source that Te’o was still being hoaxed and made a fool of two nights before the Irish were blown out by Alabama.

On the Saturday night before Notre Dame was supposed to face Bama, Te’o says that he thought the people who had admitted catfishing him were downstairs in the Notre Dame team hotel lobby trying to reach him.

Te’o says they sent him a photo of his hotel lobby on that Saturday night, and asked him to come down to the lobby, but it was after the 11 p.m. curfew for Notre Dame players.

Te’o says he told his tormentor’s, “I just want to see you. Look at you square in the face and just be done with this thing. Just erase everything so I know the truth.”

Manti says the group claimed it couldn’t get past hotel security because it didn’t have the proper ID cards.  He says someone from the group then texted him and said, “You know what, Manti, we’re waiting for Lennay over here. … I don’t know if you’re with her, but can you please tell her to hurry up, please. We’re waiting,” he said. “At that point, I was like, ‘You know, whatever.’ I hung up the phone.”

ESPN is reporting that the whole hotel incident is just one more of the many hoax that were played on Te’o.  This simply gets worse by the day.