Mario Chalmers Says He’s in The Middle Part of Top 10 PGs in NBA

Mario Chalmers

You have to admire Chalmers confidence.

“I’d say top 10,’’ the Miami Heat fifth-year man said of where he ranks. “I’m not in the lower part (of the top 10), I’m in the middle part. I just have confidence in myself. I think I can compete with the best of them.’’

Chalmers currently is averaging 8 PPG and 3 APG, but honestly he believes he is one of the better players in the league. We might never know how good Jayhawk Chalmers could be because he plays on a team with Lebron, D Wade, Bosh and Ray Allen.

Either he is a lot better than his numbers suggest or he is really a scrub that looks better than he really is because he is playing with All-World players?

What do you believe.

2 thoughts on “Mario Chalmers Says He’s in The Middle Part of Top 10 PGs in NBA

  • ELITE Point Guards are ranked amongst the TOP 10 PGs along with averaging AT LEAST 7 assists and 10+ points — IMO

    Currently LeBron James (Who isn’t a Point Guard…) is #10 in ASSISTS at 7.1 per game… D-Wade is #32 at 4.6 per game


  • “He’s alright, but he’s not real”


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