Metta World Peace Kisses Lucky Fan After Lucky Shot (VIDEO)

metta world peace kiss hand

Has Metta World Peace finally found the true meaning of his name? After finally putting an end to a 6 game losing streak, the Los Angeles Lakers were able to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 113-93 last night. it appears Metta World has finally found some peace in his life.  The star of the night was Dwight Howard, who returned backed to the court with an impressive 22 points and 14 rebounds. World Peace had a quiet 8 points, but it wasn’t his on the game performance that had people talking.

During a fast break attempt Metta went up for a dunk and missed it, only to have the ball fall back in after the miss. The shot alone was an interesting sight, but Metta being true to himself couldn’t be just satisfied with that. Before going to the line to shoot a free throw, he gave a random lady in the crowd a kiss on her hand. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have a lucky charm. There is absolutely no denying that Metta World Peace is a lot of things, and entertaining is one of them.