Michael Crabtree Had 3 Women at The W, Two of Them Claim He’s Innocent of Rape Charge

Michael Crabtree

Young Crab was pimping at The W. There seems to be a lot of holes in the story of the woman who accused Crabtree of raping her. Besides the fact two witnesses have come forward to say Crabtree didn’t do anything, there was also no physical evidence at the scene.

You never want to accuse someone of lying until you have all the facts or hear from the police directly, but if you read this report from Pro Football Zone, it looks like someone is just trying to extort Crabtree.

According to a San Francisco law enforcement source, the woman who lodged the allegation was one of three women who joined Crabtree in a party at a room in the tony W Hotel on Third Street.

The other two women have told investigators that Crabtree didn’t assault anyone, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is continuing.

If the woman is lying then she should be arrested. There are only a few crimes that are worse than rape, so to be falsely accuse can damage your reputation for life. Furthermore, when a woman lies about being sexually assaulted it hurts women who truly are raped, because you have to wonder if they are telling the truth after so many have lied.