Mike D’Antoni Cracks Joke About Jumping Off Building


Things haven’t been what the Lakers organization or fans expected this year after signing Dwight Howard and Steve Nash in the off-season. Once arguably the “Greatest Show On Court,” the Lakers are now the greatest show off it.

After dropping another game last night to the Spurs head coach Mike D’Antoni cracked a “joke” that probably sums up his current state of mind.

“At least they put my (hotel) room on the third floor, so if I did jump I would just hurt my ankle a little bit,” D’Antoni said Wednesday night, via the LA Times.

I’m sure this is NOT what the Lakers organization expected when they hired D’Antoni, and not what expected when he accepted the job.

I’m sure Mike Brown is sitting somewhere (Chick-Fil-A sandwich in hand) grinning.

One thought on “Mike D’Antoni Cracks Joke About Jumping Off Building

  • I’m sure D’Antoni didn’t expect 3 of his best players to be injured for most of the season. I doubt that Mike Brown is grinning. He has a little more class than you exhibited in this article. Evidently you don’t appreciate humor unless it’s at the expense of someone else.

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