Nate Robinson Gives Shout-Out To His Favorite Player Steve Novak (Video)

nate robinson-steve novak-shout out

There’s nothing more entertaining, than when NBA beefs go back and forth like silly rap beefs.  It seems that Bulls guard Nate Robinson and Knicks forward Steve Novak are embroiled in such foolery.

As we reported Robinson felt the need to mock Novak’s championship belt celebration during a Bulls blow out over the Knicks.  Novak fired back during his interview by calling Robinson “Little Nathan” and said he “hopes the 5-foot-9 guard achieves his goal of one day being just like Novak when he grows up.”

Robinson doing his best Nas impersonation, fired back last night while being interviewed on NBA TV.  In the video courtesy of Larry Brown Sports, Robinson gives Novak a shout out.

“Shout-out to my favorite player in the whole wide world, Steve Novak.”

Like most beef’s keep it on wax fellas,or in this case on the court.