Ndamukong Suh Teammates Want Him to Drop Out of “Celebrity Diving” Reality Show

Katherine Webb Ndamukong Suh

This is the type of thing NFL players do after they are out of the league like Terrell Owens, so it is a little odd to see SUH participating in something like this.

It seems he likes the reality show life and there is nothing wrong with that as long he doesn’t hurt himself which some of teammates are worried about according to TMZ.

One source tells us … “We need him on the field and if he gets hurt during the off-season doing wild stunts … it would be bad and it ain’t worth it. He is too valuable to the team.”

Another source expressed similar concerns — “if he gets a busted ear drum or an infection, it could have serious effects on his off-season training.”

One last source — who happens to be an African-American — added, “He’s a big dude … and ‘black’ and ‘pool’ just don’t mix. He’s built for football … not belly flops.”