Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez Bashes SEC Defenses, Says Big 10 Better

Alec Ogletree, Taylor Martinez

Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez is one of those guys you can describe as a different kind of cat.  Heading into the Capital One Bowl matchup against Georgia, Martinez say the Bulldogs were just another typical Big 20 defense.

Nebraska and Martinez were thumped by Georgia 45-31 of course, but via Husker Extra, Martinez stuck to his guns in regards to South Eastern Conference defenses.

“I think the Big Ten, talent-wise, is a lot better, and the defenses in the Big Ten are better than SEC defenses,” he said. “This was supposed to be one of the top defenses in the SEC, and we pretty much did anything we wanted against them.”

Yes Nebraska did rack up 443 yards and averaged 5.6 per play, but Martinez left out the fact that Georgia shut out Nebraska in the final 24 minutes of Tuesday’s game and forced three Huskers turnovers.

Martinez also left out the fact that Georgia was only the 6th ranked defense in the SEC in 2012.  Taylor Martinez might rethink that talk if he had to face Bama, Florida, or South Carolina.

One thought on “Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez Bashes SEC Defenses, Says Big 10 Better

  • lol he faced my fighting gamecocks in last yrs cap 1 bowl and he got sacked atleast 6times in that game and at one time back to back or 3times in a row. lol he is jerk like his coach who had some DUMB stuff to say after we beat them too. lol karma is great!!


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