NFC Wildcard: Seahawks vs Redskins Recap

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Seahawks: 24


A bittersweet end to a season that the Redskins can only hold their heads up high about. But the injury to RG3 is cause for some great concern.

The Skins came out red hot, with RG3 showing no signs that the knee injury would slow him down. Although limping, RG3 appeared agile and on point as he connected with receivers has he threw the ball in for an early touchdown, while the Seahawks could just watch stunned. Redskins took the early 7-0 lead, but they weren’t done as RG3 came right on back for another touchdown, this time to Logan Paulsen. But all the while, there was something very noticeably wrong with RG3 who was limping more than ever now.

The game carried on though, and RG3 stayed in the game and the Seahawks finally woke up. Wilson’s early connection with Sydney Rice in the redzone finally got the Seahawks rolling as they finally scored a field goal. Their next drive would result in a touchdown making the game 14-10 before the half. The game remained¬†excruciatingly close well after the half with the Seahawks giving up a crucial turnover just 2 yards shy of the endzone, but the Skins didn’t capitalize.

A field goal by the Seahawks made the game just a 1 point difference of 14-13 Skins up. Russell Wilson had a huge block to get Lynch in to score the touchdown, and they followed it up with a successful two-point conversion. Seahawks lead then by 21-14. Then there came the moment we all feared, RG3 went down late into the 4th quarter deep in his own territory and with a fumble, as his leg appeared to just give up. Kirk Cousins was activated with less than 5 minutes on the clock, but he proved ineffective as the Seahawks then took time off the clock.

The Seahawks led by Russell Wilson came out victorious. Wilson threw 15 of 28 completions for 187 yards. RG3 was 10-10 with just 84 yards, and his health status is currently up in the air. The Seahawks will now go onto to face the Atlanta Hawks in Atlanta where they’ll try to pull the upset.