NFC WildCard: Vikings vs Packers Recap

sel 2458 Green Bay Vikings


Vikings: 10

The Vikings had no choice but to rely on their backup Joe Webb, despite the fact he hasn’t played a down of football all season. The gamble turned out to be a colossal fail only saved by the late efforts of their defense. The prowess of the continuously overlooked Packers reigned supreme all night long.

Adrian Peterson’s game was put on shutdown mode, with just 99 yards and 22 rushing on his part. But the majority of the blame of course, belongs to Joe Webb, who was simply dreadful compared to Rodgers. Once the Packers found their footing, Aaron Rodgers and crew were too much to contain as they proceeded to blow the game open before the half. Rodgers had no problem connecting with his receivers as they continuously went down the length of the field, by half time the score was 17-3.

The Vikings got dinged for 12 men on the field, which resulted in a first down for the Packers and ample opportunity for Rodgers to connect with John Kuhn for a touchdown. The key of the Packers game was their containment of Adrian Peterson, as Clay Matthews and crew lived up to their word and stopped his running game. Poor Joe Webb finished off the game with just 11 of 30 completions for 180 yards. A-Rod conversely was 23 out of 33 with 274 yards. The most shocking facet of the game…the fact the Packers only scored 24 points.

Next stop for the rolling Packers is to San Francisco . The Packers got a much needed dominating performance, albeit against a team who was playing with their 2nd string who hadn’t played in a year, but a victory is a victory.