NFL Expects To Have Neurologist On The Sidelines In 2013


NFL Expects To Have Neurologist On The Sidelines In 2013

In the name of player safety and I’m sure to protect their own liability, NFL general counsel Jeff Pash says he expects neurologist will be on the sidelines next season to help diagnose concussions.

The New York Times reports:

Speaking at a pre-Super Bowl news conference Thursday, Pash explained that the doctors would not be paid by the clubs or hired as team physicians. There could be more than one neurologist assigned to each team to divide home and road games.

Pash said “details need to be worked through” with the NFL Players Association.

According to interviews about head injuries done in 2011, 31 of 44 players said they would like to have neurologist at the games.  

As the NFL continues to acknowledge that the safety of its players should be paramount, and the lack-their-of could affect the league fiscally I expect to see more things change.  The catch will be whether they can successfully do it without comprising the sport we love.

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