NFL Scouts Reportedly Not Impressed With Denard Robinson


Well we all knew shoelace only had one viable shot at an NFL career, and that was impressing scouts as a receiver or running back.

Reports from the Senior Bowl are that scouts are not remotely impressed with Robinson according to the Detroit Free Press.  

“Not good,” one AFC scout told the Free Press. “I think he took himself from like the third, fourth round to like the sixth, seventh round.”

Robinson reportedly was limited earlier in the week due to a nerve problem with his right elbow, and when he finally was able to practice Wednesday, the impression was lukewarm.

“He’s got to catch the ball a lot better,” an NFC scout said. “I have no idea at this point what I would do. He’s not a corner, he’s an offensive skill guy, but where do you put him?

Robinson reportedly struggled to run precise routes, and was not effective in returning punts.  I hope he makes it, but he has a ton of work to do between now and the NFL Combine that starts next month.


One thought on “NFL Scouts Reportedly Not Impressed With Denard Robinson

  • Well no crap. The guy has been playing QB for years, you can’t just flip a switch and turn into a receiver. It takes a little time. He can improve, he has the speed, he just needs to work on his route running. I don’t think he’ll be a star, but he could be a solid receiver.

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