NHL Ends Lockout, Will Play Shortened Season


Many fans haven’t had enough time to miss the NHL because of an exciting NCAA Bowl season, the changes of NBA rosters, and the exciting NFL playoff races, but in a few weeks many of those will come to an end. The NBA and NHL seasons are what carry the diehard sports fans through the winter and the absence of the NHL would have left a void in the sports world.

Just a few days ago the possibility of a 2012-2013 season was bleak. Mediators returned to the table late-Monday evening and hashed out the the 10 year CBA faster than anyone could have anticipated.

Yahoo! Sports reported the details:

Some of the final compromises: The term of the CBA will be 10 years, with an out after eight years. Contract lengths will be limited to seven years, or eight if a team re-signs its own player. The salary cap in Year 2 will be $64.3 million, the same as it was last season.

The NHL season can seem long and tenuous at times but this shortened season should provide intrigue similar to the 2011-2012 NBA shortened season. The NHL playoffs already lends itself to 8-1 & 7-2 upsets so this upcoming postseason should only increase the possibility of upsets and memorable match-ups.