Nike Unveils New Uniforms and Cleats For Super Bowl XLVII

2013 super bowl uniforms

This year Nike will debut their new “Elite 51 technology” showcasing brand new uniforms just in time for Super Bowl XLVII.

Now when I hear “Elite 51 technology” I am expecting something spectacular. Well according to Nike the new uniforms are game changing, uniquely design, and help players achieve amplified speed:

This uniquely engineered chassis and base layer combination provides everything an athlete needs and nothing he doesn’t need. Rooted in body-led design, the uniform system is built for a body-contoured fit resulting in zero distractions in order to help amplify speed.

The uniforms are an updated version of what we saw this 2012 regular season featuring the same overall stylish look and same collar. However the Ravens and 49ers will have to luxury of playing with Nike’s Alpha Pro Cleats.

I have examined the images of the new uniforms, and outside of the amazing background I am not seeing the difference. I suppose the new uniforms are in high- definition opposed to the old ones.  Although there are some players who could benefit from a body-contoured fit like Bryant McKinney. I just hope it doesn’t prevent moments like the DeMarco Murray  pants fiasco.  I live for those moments on the field.

The 2012 uniforms are below, do you see a major difference?

2012 regular season uniforms


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