Olympian Ryan Lochte gets his own Reality Show…Yes, this is Happening

BSO olympian Ryan Lochte tv show

I thought this was a joke initially, but it turns out that this is actually happening. The E! channel (home of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’) has offered gold medal winning swimmer and gold teeth aficionado, Ryan Lochte, his own reality show.

As reported by USA Today Lochte will star in a six episode reality series which will debut in April. The show will be aptly named ‘What would Ryan Lochte Do?’ (original). The premise of the show will be to follow Lochte around for whatever misadventures he’ll no doubt encounter as his celebrity from the summer Olympics continues to rise.

What exactly makes Lochte reality show worthy, you may ask? Well, his fondness for the words ‘jeah’,  his candidness in discussing his love for peeing in pools, oh and the fact he named his dog after a Lil Wayne album–Carter, seems to be reality show gold. Kim Kardashian and her ilk set the mold that others are all too willing to follow. Don’t knock the hustle.