Pilar Sanders New Workout Photos


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All has been quiet on the Pilar and Deion divorce front and that is a good thing.  The faster they both can move on the better it will be for everyone.  While Deion will be working the Super Bowl for the NFL Network, Pilar seems to be gearing up to release a workout DVD.

Pilar Sanders Workout 6

I am pretty sure men who don’t even want to exercise might purchase.

3 thoughts on “Pilar Sanders New Workout Photos

  • Go get a job. Thats her problem now.

  • You know, Deion is right about one thing … to be 40 years old and taking pictures like this just means she is dying for attention and the next sucker to sweep her up. Go Away Pilar !!!!

  • Deion’s ugly ass would take these pictures too if he were 40 years old and looked like this. Pilar, keep posting the pictures. Your fellow pretty women appreciate them.

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